Characteristics and Benefits


Mr.Tarro has an innovative design, maintaining the classic and rustic look of the beer mug metal, preserving the image of the ancient tavern.


Mr.Tarro maintains cold drinks, has internal system of prolongation of temperature (patented), this offer a pleasant experience to the customers to keep cold their drink longer.


The beer mug keeps the drink cool longer, has an internal temperature extension system (Patented), this causes a pleasant experience for customers by keeping their drink cool longer, while glass or metal with simple background can not prolong the cold for a long time of your drink, but with Mr.Tarro do it!, cold more time.


Mr.Tarro offers advertising for your business, since it can your logo with your information. This makes it an excellent souvenir for your customers and diners.

Mr.Tarro do that your brand is widely recognized.


Different from others beer mug, Mr.Tarro is more resistant and lasts through time. There can be up to a saving of 80% in acquisition of new glassware, because these products do not break.


Mr.Tarro can be used for your restaurant and also you can have the opportunity to sell it to the public to that perceiving additional income for your business.

For this and much more Mr.Tarro is the best investment and advertising tool for your

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